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? Ethical ? rating of Eurazeo , group and subsidiaries

Profit 2 Bn $.€ /1998
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Cr?dit AgricoleFrance15,4Les Echos
WarburgUnited States of America13,5Les Echos
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  • Environmental impact

  • Human impact

year name
photo position; compensation
2002Bernheim, Antoine
See the photo of: Bernheim, Antoine Director;
2000Bonnell, Bruno
See the photo of: Bonnell, Bruno Director;
2000Braggiotti, Gerardo
See the photo of: Braggiotti, Gerardo Director;
2000d?Alviella, Richard Goblet
See the photo of: d?Alviella, Richard Goblet Director;
2000David-Weill, Michel
See the photo of: David-Weill, Michel Director;
2000Gandois, Jean
See the photo of: Gandois, Jean Director;
2000Gramat, Gilles
See the photo of: Gramat, Gilles Director;
2000Guyot, Jean
See the photo of: Guyot, Jean Director;
2000Jubien, Andr? Dupont
See the photo of: Jubien, Andr? Dupont Director;
2000M?rieux, Alain
See the photo of: M?rieux, Alain Director;
2000Pfeiffer, Didier
See the photo of: Pfeiffer, Didier Director;
2000Ralli, Georges
See the photo of: Ralli, Georges Director;
2000Riboud, Franck
See the photo of: Riboud, Franck Director;
2000Richardson, Jean Pierre
See the photo of: Richardson, Jean Pierre Director;
2000Roger, Bruno
See the photo of: Roger, Bruno Chairman;
2000Roulet, Marcel
See the photo of: Roulet, Marcel Director;
2000Sayer, Patrick
See the photo of: Sayer, Patrick Director;
social impact : country

  • Lobbying & corruption

  • Subsidy

  • Advertising & marketing

year  income source
2008   -0,06   billion Eu?Les Echos
2007   0,9   billion Eu?Les Echos
2006   0,26   billion Eu?
2004   0,01   billion Eu?
2003   0,02   billion Eu?
2002   0,04   billion Eu?
2001   0,58   billion Eu?Les Echos
2000   0,16   billion Eu?
1999   0,34   billion Eu?
yearfinancial misdemeanorsalesincomeassetsbuybacksource
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